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Our hope is that, during these 21 Days, you will draw closer to God and experience His mighty power as you stand together in faith with one another. We hope this also challenges and grows each of us in prayer. 

We invite every person who attends Greenville First to participate in this special, sacred time.






We’ll use these topics to guide our daily prayer times in prayer calls, in personal devotion, and at our weekly prayer gatherings.


Spiritual Hunger | We’re praying for fresh passion and desire for God and the things of God.

Week 1 (08/05): Personal Hunger for God

Week 2 (08/12): Family Hunger for God

Week 3 (08/19): Church Hunger for God


Revival | We’re praying for an encounter with God and for a release of His supernatural power.

Week 1 (08/06): Revival in our church

Week 2 (08/13): Revival in our city

Week 3 (08/20): Revival in our nation


Engagement | We’re praying for every person to be engaged in the life of the church and ultimately be the Church.

Week 1 (08/07): Engagement in Small Groups

Week 2 (08/014): Engagement in Dream Teams & Serving

Week 3 (08/21): Engagement in Giving & Generosity


Mobilization | We’re praying for workers and the harvest. That we would walk in spiritual gifts and invite people to church.

Week 1 (08/08): Personal Mobilization of the Gospel

Week 2 (08/15): Utilization of Spiritual Gifts

Week 3 (08/22): Unity with the Vision of the Church & Reaching the Lost


Breakthrough | We’re praying for a breakthrough in all areas.

Week 1 (08/09): Financial: Freedom & Breakthrough

Week 2 (08/16): Health: Healing

Week 3 (08/23): Salvations: Family & Friends

• Choose two or three friends from Greenville First that you can pray with daily.  

• Choose a time that works best for all. Early morning times work well before everyone is off to work or school but choose a time that works best for your group. It’s the first part of your day! Putting God first in everything will always set us up for success. 

• One person will be the prayer lead and will initiate the call each day. 

• The lead should greet each person as they get on the call and begin the prayer.

• The prayer call should last no longer than 15 minutes for the purpose of specific, targeted prayer and to respect each other’s time. You are welcome to pray as long as you want after or before the call but, for the format of this call please limit it to 15 minutes. We also have other opportunities for extended prayer times together on Tuesdays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 9 am, and Sundays at 8 am.  

• We want each person to have an opportunity to pray and to develop the ability to pray so make sure to take turns and encourage one another. You will find that time flies by so if you go ahead and allow for each person to have about four minutes each that will give time for the leader to greet everyone and close out the prayer time. It will be tempting to chat before or after but remember many people are getting ready for work or school and have allotted only the fifteen minutes so please be mindful and end on time. 

• We will be specifically praying for a few things during the twenty-one days. We call these our prayer focuses. You may choose to assign one focus to each person each day and rotate those as you desire.  

• Enjoy this time together with God and each other! 

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